11 Times Kim Soo Hyun Proved That He’s A Goofball

On screen, he’s played a talented musician, a charismatic king, a skilled thief, an elite spy and a mysterious but also very handsome alien. In real life, however, Kim Soo Hyun is actually kind of a derp. Running Man member Lee Kwang Soo got it right when he screamed in frustration about how Kim Soo Hyun is “just a good-looking idiot”. But hey, that’s why we love oppa, right?

The Korean actor turns 28 today, so in celebration, here are 11 instances of Kim Soo Hyun in all his derpy glory! 

  1. When he dealt with NGs like this on the set of The Producers

  2. Seriously the behind-the-scenes footage of The Producers is the best

  3. LOLS

  4. Just ask his co-stars

  5. How about the time when he met Kaya Scodelario and couldn’t contain his inner fanboy?

  6. When he went on Running Man for the first time and panicked 

  7. When he went on Running Man for the second time and was so happy that he caught a chicken

  8. Who dances like this at a fan meeting?! 

  9.  *sigh* 

  10. You know you agree with Lee Kwang Soo…

  11. But you still love Kim Soo Hyun anyway


Image: TPG Images

Text: Sophie Hong




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