The Internet Is Thirsty For South Korea’s President’s Bodyguard

Moon Jae In is making headlines, not only for his recent Presidential Election win in South Korea, but also because of one other thing – his bodyguard. Nope, his bodyguard didn’t get into any trouble. Rather, the only crime he could have committed is stealing the hearts of women all across the globe without even trying.

According to various reports, the man, Choi Young Jae, is a special forces officer who is assigned to protect the new President. He is reportedly part of the Special Warfare Command unit. But here’s the bad news, ladies – the hunky bodyguard is married with two kids, according to the president’s office.

Regardless of his marital status, he’s been setting hearts in not only South Korea, but also other parts of the world. Here are some photos that will make you drool.

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Images: Twitter, TPG/Click Photos


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