Interview: Here’s What 2PM’s Junho Wants To Do In Singapore

When Lee Junho debuted as a member of 2PM in 2008, one of the qualities that made him stood out in the group was his “eye smile”—we’re talking about the kind of smile that made his eyes turn into the shape of crescent moon. Ten years on, he has exchanged the boyish vibes for an air of maturity, but the 28-year-old hasn’t lost his signature smile, evident during our meeting when he was in Singapore for the Korea Brand & Entertainment EXPO 2018 (KBEE 2018) earlier this month. In fact, we were treated to a full display of the smile as he greeted us and cracked jokes during the interview—and even tried to help the translator translate the questions and answers.

Despite branching out into acting five years ago and steadily receiving offers for drama roles, the singer-actor hasn’t forgotten his roots and reckoned that being a part of 2PM was the best thing that happened to him. When asked to choose between singing and acting, he said, “I cannot choose. But if I really had to choose, I would choose 2PM. But… (pauses) the question is so hard! Both are important to me, and both are fun but the reason I chose 2PM is because I am a part of 2PM.”

He added, “Being a part of 2PM is the best thing I’ve done in my life. It’s very hard to pinpoint one memory but the best thing I’ve done is being a part of 2PM and joining the group.”

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On a place in South Korea he would recommend to Singaporeans

“Although I’m an honorary for KBEE, I’m also an honorary ambassador for Jeju Island. I would recommend for people to go there. The weather there now is really nice.”

On places he wants to visit in Singapore

“The other times when I was here, I really enjoyed myself. 2PM came here to film the music video for ‘Hands Up’ and we also had a concert here. I also came here for the movie promotions. This is my fourth or fifth time here. I personally want to go to Formula One. Last night, I met Nichkhun briefly here. We were at Universal Studios but I couldn’t go in, so I want to go there. I didn’t have time to go because of my schedules today, so I just went there to eat with Nichkhun. … I just want to have a chill day in Singapore. Previously, when we were filming the music video for ‘Hands Up’, we rode the Singapore Flyer. I want to visit all the places we could see from the Flyer because we didn’t have time to explore then.”

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