Interview: Here’s What 2PM’s Junho Wants To Do In Singapore

On his most memorable role thus far

“I like all of them. I’ve done seven dramas and movies. Every moment was memorable to me, but there was a movie that I acted in called Cold Eyes. I came to Singapore to promote that movie. The character didn’t appear a lot in the movie, but it was a significant character that created a lot of tension in the movie. It was my first time acting, and I think it was a piece that brought me a lot of luck.”

On actors he wants to work with in future

“Since I first started acting, I’ve worked with a lot of wonderful senior actors. I’m very lucky to have learn a lot of things from them. While acting, I learn a lot of things from people in different situations. So, as long as I meet someone I can learn from, it would mean a lot to me. Different characters have different personalities, and through acting those roles, I learn a lot. Filming dramas and movies are very different, so adapting to the different environments is also something I’ve learnt. [But] whether you’re filming for movies or dramas, you film with different people and every experience you have with them is different.”

On what he has learnt during his decade-long career

“I’m still learning as I go. Minjun-hyung (Jun.K) wrote a song (2PM’s ‘Hot’) with these lyrics, ‘a passionate, a rational head’. I think it’s very important be led by your heart with passion, but at the same time, think rationally with your mind when it comes to making hard decisions.”


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