Interview: Here’s What 2PM’s Junho Wants To Do In Singapore


On preparing for his role in Wok of Love

“I prepared for a month. I learnt how to cut vegetables, how to use the wok. I put in a lot of effort for the drama. The hardest thing was taking the lobster apart. One minute before filming started, I was told that I had to take a lobster apart. So within one minute, I watched the teacher do it and I had to follow whatever he did.”

On cooking

“When it comes to cooking with the wok, fire control is very important to create the wok hei, but I don’t have the equipment to do it at home. I want to cook for other people, but I can’t do it. I think the food I made with the wok was good and I want to cook for my family members, but I haven’t done it. I’ve just been thinking about it.”

On his favourite food

“Kimchi fried rice. I like fried rice, and I like the fact that there’s kimchi inside. I also like spicy food, so it’s one of my favourite dishes.”

On the best cook in 2PM

“Taecyeon tries very hard and he likes to do it. Minjun-hyung likes to make ddeokbokki, while Taecyeon likes to cook. That’s all. I honestly think I’m good at cooking, but I just don’t want to cook. I like to eat.”


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