Male Korean Celebrities Who Were Exempted From Serving Military Service

Including those promoting in South Korea.

Ask any Singaporean men and they’ll tell you that serving NS is a big deal. Which is why, a lot of men eventually become good friends with their bunkmates and platoon mates even after being discharged from military service.

Like Singapore, some Asian countries also require their men to serve mandatory military service. For South Korea, men between ages 18 and 35 are required to serve for two years. When served with a letter, they are allowed to defer provided they have a valid reason. They would also need to undergo a physical examination to determine if they are fit to serve as an active duty soldier in the army or navy. Those who are not would the serve as a public servant during that period.

Exemptions are uncommon and would require a valid reason, determined by doctors who are appointed by the army. Here are some Korean celebrities – and those who are actively promoting in South Korea –who are exempted from military service.

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