10 Korean Male Celebs You Didn’t Know Could Speak English Fluently

And they’re not Korean-Americans!

When you hear a Korean celebrity speaking fluent English, it’s presumably normal to assume that he or she is a Korean-American. However, more and more celebrities are picking up the language and striving to be fluent not only due to broaden their career opportunities, but also to communicate with their foreign fans, thanks to the Hallyu wave.

And we must say, some of them are so fluent that it’s a pretty big feat, considering they didn’t start young – a ban by the government only allows South Koreans to start learning English when they’re in Primary Three. The reason? They believe that exposing the children to a foreign language when they’re young would erode their Korean roots.

Here are 10 male K-celebs who can definitely hold a conversation with you in full English.

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