Tallest And Hottest Korean Male Celebrities

Ask any Singaporean woman what they look for in a relationship and they’ll probably tell you “sense of humour” – that trait came out tops in the findings of a survey we did previously. But that might not be the case in other countries.

A 2014 research done in the US found that women preferred having a tall partner because it makes them “feel more feminine and protected”.

Late last year, a similar study was done in a country closer to home – South Korea. A group of researches from Konkuk University found a direct relationship between the height difference between a couple and the wife’s level of happines: in cases where the husbands were taller than the wives, the greater height difference between them, the happier women would be.

Of course, the study might not be applicable to Singaporeans due to differences in culture, but if it’s anything to go by, it definitely made us appreciate the tall Korean hot dudes even more.

And if you agree with the findings and the man of your dreams is someone tall and handsome, you’re gonna have a field day going through this gallery.

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