Dating Diaries: Things Got Hot And Heavy At This Indoor Park

A first date can be painfully nerve-racking, so we decided to make a group date between our CLEO Bachelors and CLEO Bachelor Insiders a little less stressful by keeping each and every one of them very active at SuperPark Singapore. There was a lot of running around and even some panting, so suffice it to say, things got pretty hot and heavy and it didn’t take long for everyone to open up.

The guys and girls were split up into four groups and had to take part in several different challenges. One involved playing Charades while jumping on a trampoline…

…while another involved scoring goals in a football cage.

The teams also had to shoot some hoops to try and score as many points as possible…

… and to ‘smack’ away all the bats projected onto a rock wall within record time.

The group showing some love to sloggi because they all walked away with some reaaaalllly comfortable underwear from the brand.

After the ice was broken, the group headed to WOLF Burgers at PasarBella Suntec for lunch. There was a lot of chatter throughout and everyone even exchanged IG handles at one point.

OK, so the group date took place on Saturday morning and everyone had to drag themselves out of bed, but they all had a lot of fun. Don’t just take our word for it—scroll the gallery to check out what they thought of the entire experience.

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