CLEO Eligible Bachelor Exclusive: 3 Tips Every Gym-goer Should Know

Want to get fit but don’t know where to start? Before you hit the gym, read what CLEO Eligible Bachelor Nicholas Chong – who is also a personal trainer – has got to say about training for a fitter body.

  1. 50% training, 50% diet
    Having a fit body is not only about training – diet also plays an important role. Take note of what you eat and cut out junk food and other unhealthy eats from your diet.

  2. Plan or create a checklist of a daily, monthly and yearly goals
    This checklist serves as a motivation for you to ensure that you’ve accomplished all your goals. However, make sure  the list is doable – don’t include something you know you can’t possibly achieve. This also helps you to keep track of your performance.

  3. Be strong in the gym physically but be even stronger mentally
    A fitness regime is a test of not only your physical determination, but also your mental strength. From experience, about 60 percent of those who start on a fitness regime quit or give up after six months. Before you throw in the towel, remind yourself why you started in the first place.

Images: Nicholas Chong’s Instagram

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