CLEO Eligible Bachelor Exclusive: Dating nightmares

Clifford Wong is a ball of infectious energy. He’s a joy to talk to, makes you feel endlessly comfortable and is bound to make you burst into laughter a few times in one sitting. With such a likeable personality, we’d be hard pressed to find reasons why any girl wouldn’t want to be on her best behaviour on a date with the charming bachelor. We sit down with Clifford, as he regales us with tales of a former date gone wrong. Fair warning: we’re not one to engage in schadenfreude, but his recount is pretty hilarious. 

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? 
I once went out with this girl (from Tinder) to this bar/restaurant at Clarke Quay that had a chinese singing live band. When I went to get her, she was with another girl friend. Five minutes prior to getting her, she texted to ask if I was alright with her friend joining. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind, but I kinda expected this to be a date? So that was the first stun. 

We got to the restaurant and we ordered some food. I had a beer, and she got…shots. So I was thinking to myself, who gets shots for dinner? But I was cool with it, and I thought, “yea, whatever rocks her boat.” The drinks came and she offered us some of her shots; her friend and I declined but she insisted on a toast. 30 minutes later, she wanted more drinks, and this time I suggested beer or a cocktail, but she asked for more shots. At this time, I got a little wary. I don’t mind buying the meal, but who drinks this much and this fast during dinner? 

So she got another half a dozen shots. No surprises, she finished her shots in no time. To cut the long story short, when we were done with dinner and the bill came, she said she didn’t have cash and her card couldn’t work. Nice try. 

What did you learn from that experience?
Don’t be deceived by looks. If someone crosses the line, call bail right away.

Tell us a surefire way of getting out of a bad date immediately.  
Someone once told me, if you’re in an emergency, secretly message your friend to call you. Pick up the call and sound worried. Speak as if there is an emergency at home. Bail out. No one is hurt, everyone goes home happy. 

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