CLEO Eligible Bachelor Exclusive: Top 3 Unconventional Date Places In Singapore

Many say that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I tend to think it’s with a sharp knife through his chest. However, that being considered socially unacceptable by many, the next best option would be to demonstrate your creativity and resourcefulness by planning an amazing date with him. Here are some ideas.

  1. Take him skiing
    Tell him that you’re about to go on a spontaneous ski holiday and to bring along his passport. Have him close his eyes in the car, and while he’s thinking of perhaps the French Alps, instead impress him by bringing him to something even better – Urban Ski at Millenia Walk. With an indoor rotating ski slope on infinite loop like a treadmill for Eskimos, you can hit the slopes even in sunny Singapore. Take along your GoPro and with some editing skills, you’ll have all your Instagram followers bewildered as to how you went to ski in France over the weekend. For extra effect, take your date to Angelina at Capitol for some Parisian hot chocolate after skiing which will warm up both your body and very likely his heart. Especially if you pour it on him.

  2. Take him on a tour of Singapore
    Once his trust in you is regained after previously tricking him about the ski holiday, tell him you’re taking him on a tour around Singapore. After making him top up your car’s fuel to full tank – score! – proceed to Lilliputt at Big Splash where you can play minigolf among Singapore landmarks like Changi Airport and Esplanade. Prepare some puns and innuendos beforehand for extra brownie points. After minigolf, if your date loses, take him to the nearby East Coast Park where he can try to wash away his shame. Casually suggest that he could live there in a tent after bringing great dishonour to his family.

  3. Take him dining at a unique venue
    NOX Dine in the Dark Restaurant is a great place for blind dates (literally and figuratively). The dining area is immersed in total darkness, which enhances your other senses like taste, touch and hearing. Here, you will be engaged in meaningful conversation with your date like “what am I even eating” and “I just swallowed my fork”, which leads to interesting outcomes like lawsuits which you can explore with your partner as bonding activities. You are not allowed to use anything that gives out light, so be sure to take photos of your food without flash to show off to your voracious Instagram followers. After the meal, brace yourself for both the bill as well as finally seeing your date in the light for the first time. At a relatively pricey $100 per pax on average, this is one meal you’ll want to keep down.

Image: Gennadiy Poznyakov /

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