CLEO Eligible Bachelor Exclusive: Why Competitiveness Is A Good Trait

Being competitive is a crucial element not only in the sporting world but in many aspects of life. Almost everything is based on competition and being the best. Let’s look at education, where students are constantly being pressured and pushed to achieving excellence in the classroom with the majority of subjects being examinable. Obviously, this is a vital part of the curriculum to see how well a student is progressing in school.

Let’s face reality, this is taking being competitive at its finest example. The equation is simple: the better your grades are, the more doors of opportunity will open. It doesn’t matter if it’s to have better universities to apply for or even career paths that one can pursue. Another fine example of the importance of being competitive is the world of business. It would be a fair claim to state that most businesses in the entire world want to be successful and make money. That can only be attained through being competitive in one way or another in whatever field that may be.

Tennis for me was the biggest reason why I became so competitive. Tennis is one of those individual sports where there will be a winner and a loser at the end of a match – no draws or ties! You only have yourself to blame if you lose and there are no excuses to blame your teammates or the referee. You have to be immensely hungry for the win if you want to do well in tennis. It requires you to compete to your absolute best ability and leave nothing on the court.

This sparked my competitive spirit and made me sacrifice a lot in my childhood to work and train as hard as I could to accomplish my goals. The difference between a good and a great tennis player is the amount of hard work and dedication that an individual has put into the sport. An intriguing quote I remember my coach saying when I was growing up is, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. That has really stuck with me over the years and helped me a lot with my motivation and competitive edge in tennis. 

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