5 Things You Should Never Do, Even In The Name Of Love

They say that love changes people. It makes people do crazy things. I have seen logical sane human beings do things that they have regretted for years to come in a moment of jealousy and desperation.


Before you take the wrong step or fall into the trap, here are five things you should never do, even if you’re hopelessly in love with your partner.

1. Sharing your passwords
There might be many reasons why your SO may want your passwords. It could be convenience, jealousy or just for “fun”. However, think about the repercussions that will follow. Most people tend to reuse passwords for different accounts, so if you ever break up, you’d have to go through the hassle of changing everything or fear the wrath of a crazy ex-partner.

2. Getting a pet
Your relationship may be on the rocks. You are bored and desperate for something to revitalise your relationship. If you were married, you probably try to have kids but you are not, so you settle for having a pet. However, a pet will probably last longer than your dying relationship and the aftermath of sharing responsibilities with your ex is something you definitely would want to avoid.

3. Giving them a credit card
When you are in love, it might seem like a good idea.

“It’s only for emergencies.”
“You can pay me back when you have the money”
“My money is your money”

The bank will not care whether your SO cheated on you or lied to you.  If the card is under your name, it is you who has to foot the bill.

4. Abandoning your friends
Friends require just as much attention as SOs. So when you constantly bail on them because your SO is sick or is in sudden need of your undivided attention, there are going to be consequences. There will be a limit of how much your friends can take before they “break up” with you.

5. Getting a tattoo
The only two constants in the world are change itself and tattoos. You will change. Your love life will change. Your attitude towards love and life will change. However, your tattoo of your ex-lover’s name in Comic Sans will never change. It may stretch and become slightly green but it will never change. So just don’t it.

Images: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Perry Shen

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