5 Times You Should Say No To The Person You Love

Sorry may seem to be the hardest word but saying “no” might be harder than apologising, especially when love is involved.

But sometimes, rejection might be the right thing to do – and the only thing we want you to do. Here are a few situations where you should just say “no”.

Situation 1: “No, I don’t wanna hang out with your friends.
Your friends are cool, and I love hanging out with them but if you hate being around my girlfriends, turn me down the next time I invite you to a get-together with them. They don’t fancy you giving them an attitude throughout dinner.

Situation 2: “No, I don’t wanna marry you.
Tell me if what we have is not serious. Don’t indulge me in talks about marriage and drop the bomb only after I’ve told you I’ve gotten a queue number for us to purchase a flat together – that is five years into the relationship.

Situation 3: “No, I don’t wanna have sex tonight.
We get it if you’re not feeling it. We have those days too. Don’t force yourself to do it and make it seem like we owe you big time.

Situation 4: “No, we’re not exclusive.
Not everyone is receptive of this idea, but if you don’t want us to be exclusive, let us know instead of leaving us in the dark. It’s not funny being the one who got “cheated on”, only for you to laugh at our face and say, “When were we ever exclusive?”

Situation 5: “No, I don’t love you.
Don’t pretend to love us, even if it’s out of pity. Don’t say you’re trying to let us down easy. There’s no such thing. It will hurt, but it hurts more if you’re stringing us along.

Image: Wavebreak Media Ltd / 123RF.com

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