5 Types Of Men To Steer Clear Of

He’s wanted, he’s hot! (Yes, we just quoted a cheer from Bring It On). A guy might catch your eye at first sight but that doesn’t mean you should immediately go up to him to ask him out. We can’t stress the importance of “getting to know each other” before you start a relationship. Because sometimes you meet these kind of characters, and when you start dating him, you know you’re in deep s**t.

  1. The chronic gamer
    We’re referring to mind games here. He’s the one who plays hard to get by replying to your texts a few hours late and posts lots of photos with other girls on his Facebook. He’s also great with the pushing and pulling game too. Just as you’re about to pronounce him dead, he resurrects with a HP of 100. But despite knowing he’s not the best guy to go for, you can’t help but be oh-so-attracted to his playful disposition and cheeky smile. Be warned girls, you’re not likely to win this game.
  2. The egoistic charmer
    He’s hot and he knows it. He usually comes with a sense of humour too, which makes everyone want to be around him. But when you do get some alone time with the charmer, you’ll find out his ego is even great than his charm. He likes talking about himself, which isn’t a big problem until you realise that’s about the only thing he likes talking about. He’ll throw you a question now and then, but drive the topic back to himself before you’re even done with your first line. So unless you’re looking for a man to worship, we’d say it’s better to leave this one alone.
  3. The emo hipster
    This one has feels. Lots of feels. Any song by Daughter is his anthem and his Instagram is full of greyscale shots of random architecture and plants that form an impeccable grid. He probably also has a café latte every morning because kopi c kosong is just not good enough for him. Even though you may be drawn to how refined and well-mannered this guy seems, we advise you to admire him from far because this one’s more into being pretentious than being with you.
  4. The mirror addict
    We all know someone like that. This guy has to take a glance at his reflection every time he passes by a mirror. It’s not that he’s worried about whether his slicked back hair is messed up or if he has something in his teeth – he just likes to look at his own face. If you do end up dating him, you’ll find a gazillion selfies in his iPhone of him posing before a mirror. But if you don’t mind someone who spends more time gazing into his own eyes than into yours, then feel free to go after this one.
  5. The free spirit
    This one’s quite possibly the most attractive of all. He’s carefree and independent, which makes him seem more mature than he really is. His Tinder profile says he’s an adventurous backpacker, which makes him even more interesting than he already is. But the thing is, this one’s never going to delete his Tinder app for you because he’s only into the no-strings-attached life. So be careful with this one, because he’s easy to love but difficult to keep. 

Images: Anna Bizoń / 123RF.com
Text: Liu Kai Ying

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