6 Signs of a Relationship Burnout

We all know how awful it is to let go of someone you’ve invested so much time, effort and love in. And often enough, we tend to cling onto him instead – it’s easier than dealing with the aftermath of breaking up. It’s hard to realise that the relationship you’ve fought so hard for is not working out, but if you are starting to feel tired of him, you may want to admit that you’re suffering from a relationship burnout. Here are some signs.

  1. You are constantly fighting
    The surefire way to tell if your relationship is taking a turn for the worse is when fights occur almost everyday. When you’re at the end of your rope, small little things like picking a place for dinner can turn into the worst fights. If you are currently nodding your head, it’s time to second think your relationship.
  2. Your topics are superficial
    We don’t mean talking about politics and world issues all day long, but if the only thing that you two are mostly saying is, ‘What are you doing?’ and an hour later, ‘So what are you doing now?’ then something is not right.
  3. You’ve stopped communicating
    Yes, you know you need to speak to him but you’re just so sick of talking. Because every talk leads to a fight and you would rather not deal with that. However, communication is essential in every relationship and the lack of it can indicate a dying one.
  4. You feel emotionally exhausted
    If you’re always the one trying to salvage the relationship, apologising first after every fight, or falling asleep feeling terrible about yourself, chances are you’re feeling emotionally exhausted. Girl, you need to take some me-time and reevaluate if this relationship is going anywhere.
  5. Talking about the future scares you
    When you truly love someone, you often see a future with them. You see marriage, starting a family with him, kids and basically living your entire life with him. But if those things mentioned above are sending you panic attacks or your head is screaming vehemently against those thoughts, it’s safe to say you’re suffering from a relationship burnout.
  6. Make-up sex happens way too many times
    Make-up sex is great, with all the pent up feelings and passion involved. But if you find yourself having to solve most of your fights and arguments through sex, you’re probably at your wits end and that’s not a good sign. Sex should never be the focus of the relationship or used to solve underlying issues. 

It is possible to solve a relationship burnout – taking time off, sitting down and solving key issues together, speaking the truth towards each other. But if all that just makes you cringe and run away, perhaps it’s time to re-think your relationship. We understand how difficult it is, but it is important to know when to let go and move on. Don’t worry girl, we’ve got your back!

Image: Antonio Guillem​ / 123RF.com
Text: Arin Tan

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