8 Signs That He’s Into You

We’re always playing the guessing game when it comes to deciphering whether a guy likes us as more than just a friend. However, in reality, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. All you gotta do is look out for the signs.

1. He starts touching his hair
Just like us, guys tend to run their fingers through their hair when they get nervous. And being nervous is a sign that he likes you!

2. He maintains eye contact
He looks at you when you talk to show that he’s interested in what you’re saying.

3. He stares at you
This might sound a little freaky but if a guy likes you, he’ll probably stare at you. For no apparent reason. He might turn away if caught, but if your man is bold, he’ll just flash a winning smile.

4. He stands really close to you
It makes you wonder if he knows the meaning of “personal space”.

5. He mimics you
Don’t think he’s trying to annoy you. That’s just his way of expressing his interest.

6. He teases you
You know how a boy usually teases and makes fun of the girl he likes in kindergarten? Well, guys hold on to this trait even after he becomes an adult. Don’t think he’s trying to create friction in the friendship with his incessant teases. On the contrary, he’s trying to take the friendship a step further.

7. He becomes overprotective
Whether it’s against the cold or traffic, he’s your knight in shining armour, always ready to protect you from the big bad world.

8. He gets jealous of other guys
He either shows or expresses his jealousy when he sees you chatting with other guys. He might try to find out what you talked about or give the other guy a stink eye from afar.

Images: TPG/Click Photos

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