Your Attachment Style Affects The Way You Behave In Relationships

Here's how to find out what yours is.

CLEO what's your attachment style

How you relate to other people is known as your attachment style. It develops according to how your parents responded to your needs during the first five years of your life.

Intrigued? Scroll the gallery to figure out what yours is.

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If you’re anything but secure…

It doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to living the rest of your life isolated, anxious or detached.

“Research has shown that about 30 percent of people undergo changes in their attachment style over varying periods of time,” says Swanie Khoo, a marriage and family counsellor at Relationship Matters.

“Healthy interpersonal relationships with your partner, friends or even supervisors can alter your adult attachment style. Ideally, they can become your source of safety, stability and confidence [and help you be more secure].”

Having a partner with a secure attachment style will also be of great help. “If you’re in a relationship where you can love, feel and reflect with freedom, there are possibilities for growth which can lead to a reconstructed secure attachment,” she adds.

An earlier version of this article first appeared in the December 2017 issue of CLEO magazine.

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