Dating Diaries: We Went On A Group Date To Make Latte Art


When you think of a first date, you probably think of a sit-down meal at a restaurant—hopefully, the food is not messy to eat—or a movie date. But what happens when you ask a group of millennials to bake cookies, frost cupcakes and make latte art on a first date—in a group setting? We set CLEO Bachelors and CLEO Bachelor Insiders up for a group date at The Green Ducklings Cafe, where they got hands-on before they could sit down for a meal—it wasn’t a punishment, we swear!


Kyne trying his hand at latte art. We learnt from the experts at The Green Ducklings Cafe that the angle and wrist control are very important to create the perfect heart!


They were given three types of piping tips and icing in mermaid hues to work their magic. Edriane mistakenly started his rose petal design from the edge, but it still looks quite good.


They were asked to roll the dough into 10g balls, but some of them decided to get creative with shapes.


They then enjoyed a sumptuous meal courtesy of The Green Ducklings Cafe.

So did it meet their expectations of what a date should be? Scroll through the gallery to read their honest thoughts.

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