How To Date A Workaholic Man

Now that we know how workaholic ladies could get back into the dating game, here’s another question: What if you’re a non-workaholic attracted to someone who’s practically married to his job?

There are plenty of articles out there that believe that only way to date workaholic men is to slowly, but surely, convince your partner that you are more important than his work.

But think about it. This is the man who is willing to spend his birthday working himself to the bone in the office. This is the man who spends more time in the office than his own house. This is the man who has a tan from the fluorescent lighting in the office. Are you confident that you can steal the trophy title from his work on his list of priorities?

So instead of pulling out your hair out and end up becoming a desperate tired lady, I suggest the one true solution.


Be his colleague.

It’s the only logical solution. You get to see him everyday. You get to go to work with him and hopefully, go home with him! In other words, you become a part of his workaholic lifestyle!

However, there is one rule to this magical solution: Never be part of his team.

The caring lover you are in love with will not be the same man you see in the office. And when you are in the office, he will see you as his colleague rather than his partner. Hence, let’s try and avoid any unnecessary fights. Don’t be under him unless you are in the bedroom.

Now go and date that sexy workaholic.


Text: Perry Shen
Images: Werner Heiber /, konstantynov /




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