How To Survive A Breakup

The Script wasn’t kidding when they talked about “Six Degrees Of Separation“. But you don’t have to go through all six stages to get over a breakup. These ways will reduce your mourning period significantly.

1. Cry
Breakups hurt and it is perfectly normal to feel devastated, but it is actually unhealthy to bottle up your emotions in.
Let it out.
Eat ice cream.
Eat more ice cream.
Regret eating so much ice cream.
Cry some more.


The key is to set a time limit for how long you are going to wallow in self-pity. Tell yourself, “After this weekend, I am going to start to move on.” Make a promise to yourself and keep to it.

2. Stay off social media
I would recommend the drastic measure of deleting your ex completely off all your social media. However, I understand this may be extreme for many. Hence, it’s important just to stay off it. Don’t check his or her Facebook. Don’t look at his or her Instagram. It will only make you feel terrible.
Is that status about me?
Who’s that person?
Is he or she dating already?
Why would he/she date someone so ugly!
Am I as ugly as that person?!

You don’t need all that.


3. Exercise
Yes, exercise. I know it sounds like a terrible idea. You might think, “I am already suffering. Why would I make myself suffer more?” Just hear me out.

Firstly, it tires you out. After a breakup, many people are plagued with insomnia. Their minds constantly wonder and they just lie in their beds for hours. After a good workout in the gym, you won’t even have the energy to think anymore. You will fall asleep in an instant.


Secondly, it makes you feel good about yourself. Self-pity and self-doubt come hand in hand with every breakup. You start to doubt yourself and especially, your appearance.
Am I good enough?
Maybe I am pretty/hot/sexy enough?
Did he/she break up with me because I am fat?

Exercise doesn’t instantly make you sexy or hot or pretty, but it makes you feel good about yourself. You know that you are making an effort and when you see the progress, it will further boost your self-esteem!

4. Start dating
You may not ready for another long committed relationship just yet but what dating does is that it allows you to see yourself with other people. That gnawing concern at your back of your head that you will never ever find anyone else? Well, dating lets you see that that is irrational. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Yes, you may have let that beautiful tuna fish go but hey, maybe it’s time for you try some dolphins instead.


5. Stop talking to your ex
​“We broke up but we are still good friends”

I personally think that this is impossible but if you really want to be friends with your ex, you need to give yourself some time and space. You cannot make the transition from romantic partner to best friend in just a couple of days!

Give yourself some time to get over that person and you cannot do that if you are still constantly talking to him or her. Don’t pick up calls. Don’t reply texts. Please don’t meet him or her for dinner.

I’m sure that he or she can survive a couple of months without you. If they tell you they can’t, then why did they break up with you in the first place?


Images: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Perry Shen

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