Tell-tale Signs That You’re Falling In Love


A wise man once said, “Love is an open door.” We’re kidding – that was Anna from Frozen, but it is true that love comes knocking on your door when you least expect it. If you ever come across yourself or someone around you behaving this way, you should know what’s up.

  1. Wondering what they’re up to/mild social media stalking
    Instagram was invented by someone who wanted to know what their crush was doing. Just delete the screenshots you’ve sent your friend, lest your boy comes across them.
  1. Saying their name
    You’ll use any excuse to utter their name aloud. “Oh, you’re having Japanese for dinner? Mark really likes Japanese. I know because he Instagrammed somegyoza last week. He’s really cool like that, Mark. Yeah, Mark.”
  1. Using their lingo
    When you’ve stopped saying their name 1,000 times a day, you’ll find yourself talking like them. ‘100 per cent’, ‘dope’, ‘let’s roll’, plus phrases that have never passed your lips will now become part of your vernacular.
  1. Finding any excuse to touch them
    Do you want a 10-minute hug with that glass I just casually handed you from the dishwasher? No? Oh, no worries. But can I keep the glass? And that remote you were just holding?
  1. Spamming their inbox
    They’ll be across everything you find remotely interesting, any song you love or cat video you’re laughing at. Why? Because you’ve linked it, and 500 other things, to them during the day.
  1. Bringing them socks
    No sooner have the words ‘My feet are cold’ left their mouth that you’re handing them a pair of thick, cosy socks or a warm blanket. You wouldn’t want them to be uncomfortable now, right? No way.
  1. Asking them tonnes of questions
    I was once nicknamed The Detective because I ask so many questions. Sorry, but I want to know everything about you, dude. Who was your first girlfriend? Do you like cats? I totally love you.

Image: Pixabay
Text: Jessica Martin


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