Singaporean Guy Allegedly 5-Timed Blogger, She Called Him Out Online

If you’ve watched P. Ramlee’s movie Tiga Madu (Three Wives), you’d know that cheating is not easy (and is wrong), but one Singaporean guy managed to dupe not one, but five people into dating him, allegedly all at the same time.

Singaporean blogger Chloe Teo updated her Dayre two days ago to share her experience of being “five-timed” by Ashry, a guy she met on Tinder.

According to Chloe’s post, the two met on Tinder a year ago, but only started establishing contact again recently. She wrote, “…even when we went for movie dates, he was so prim and proper.”

He allegedly told her that he was in a special force in the army – one of the reasons why they lost contact was because he had to go to Australia for a month on a “mission” – and that he broke up with his ex-girlfriend because she wasn’t supportive of his dreams to be in a special force.

After they started dating, he claimed he wanted their relationship to be kept private, and told her to take down her Dayre posts on them. She said she also wasn’t allowed to post about their relationship on her Instagram page.

The two went on a Boracay trip together, and when he took a video of her for Instagram story, she thought he was finally OK with them making their relationship public. So she went on to also post videos of their holiday on Instagram story.

Image: Dayre

Image: Dayre

It was then that she received a direct message from a girl who claimed to be his girlfriend of two years.

Image: Dayre

He had allegedly brushed it off and said the girl was a “sister”. He also told Chloe to deactivate her Instagram account – “my sister is seriously being so annoying” – to which she acceded. He went on to tell her that he never posted a video of them on Instagram – he had simply saved down the video and then deleted it.

His “sister”’s message continued to haunt her, so she decided to reactivate her Instagram and talk things out.

The girl told her, “I’m really really sorry for your past, but trust me when [I say] I’m not his sister. I really am not.” The girl also sent photos of her and Ashry as proof.

Image: Dayre

When confronted, he claimed she’s his ex-girlfriend, although he was allegedly living with her. Chloe later found out that he had been using another phone to contact her, claiming that it was his “Army phone” and that it was “private and confidential, you know, army stuff”. But he wasn’t even signed on to the army – rather, he was trying to get signed on.

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