The Surprising Reason Singaporeans Find It Hard To Date

Remember that survey findings about more young Singaporeans are choosing to stay single? The survey found that these singletons prefer to focus on their career, but that might not be the only case.

Lunch Actually Academy, the education counterpart of dating company Lunch Actually, found in a new survey conducted with more than 700 men and women that technology is one of the reasons why Singaporeans are still single.

They found that 38% of women who are seeing men they met online or on dating apps are not sure if the guys are dating other women at the same time.

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The trend is similar among men as well, but for a different reason: 36% of males surveyed said they lose interest in the women they’re chatting with even before meeting them IRL. Ouch!

Not surprisingly, those who are dating usually communicate using WhatsApp (85% of them!), but agree that this form of interaction often leads to miscommunication, resulting in frustration.

On a non-tech note, 79% of the survey respondents expects “instant chemistry” during the first meeting, instead of waiting it out to see if a connection appears over time – which could be one of the reasons why dates usually stop at Number 1.

What’s surprising, though, is that almost half of the singletons turn to books, romance novels, talk shows and ‘trial and error’ methods for dating advice. As for us? We just Google it.

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