Things To Avoid At The Start Of Your Relationship


Getting into a new relationship may be nerve-wrecking and exciting all at the same time, but in your eagerness to impress, you run the risk of scaring your potential partner away. Here are some things to avoid doing at the start of your relationship.

Sweeping Statements
You know that sound that game show contestants get with a wrong answer? That’s exactly the same noise goes off in a man’s head when he hears the sentence, “I hate sports.” It’s not the sentiment itself, but its sweeping generality, as the majority of men adore some sports and can take or leave others. The point is, men don’t brand women as being somehow deficient for holding this view – it’s more that they feel like they suddenly have less in common.

Mom, Dad, This Is…
Although you may know this is the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, bear in mind that meeting your parents is a huge step. Nothing takes a relationship to the next level like shaking your dad’s hand. Spring this on your guy too soon, and your mother will be giving you the “plenty more fish in the sea” speech.

The Big Questions
Part of the inevitable byplay of dating is trying to ascertain whether you are both on the same page in the romance novel. But go in too hard with the interrogation, and he’ll turn tail like a burglar who’s just spotted an emaciated Rottweiller. Save the “So what are you looking for out of this?” question until the third of fourth date when you’ve established the basic premise for a relationship: That you simply enjoy hanging out together. And by the way, that subtle probing as to his tax bracket often isn’t as subtle as you think.

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Don’t Call Me Baby
While you may view pet names as a sign of affection and admiration, when they’re introduced too soon, it can send some male brains into a state of “How did I end up in a relationship?” panic. So how long should you wait? At least until you’ve gone away for a weekend together. By the same token, be wary of naming any of his body parts. Just because your last boyfriend got off on you calling his willy “Sergeant Thunder” don’t mean this new guy will.

Making your new man realise how attractive and sexy you are by flirting with other guys will be as effective as making James Franco the new ambassador to North Korea. Play one off against the other, and pretty soon you’ll be fighting off advances from the one guy you weren’t genuinely interested in to start with.

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Text: David Smiedt
Additional text: CLEO Malaysia, Hidayah Idris

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