True Story: 32, Married But Never Had An Orgasm

Despite having sex regularly.

Happily married—but still no orgasm

married woman never orgasm sex

David was a virgin when I met him but that didn’t bother me. He had also grown up in a conservative family and, like me, didn’t feel the need to experiment with sex when he was younger. He knew that I’d had sex with two other guys before but he didn’t care.

The first time we had sex was romantic and special. David lit candles in the bedroom and we spent a couple of hours kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. When we were ready to have sex David was beyond excited. It didn’t take him long to orgasm, and when he was finished he asked me if I had climaxed too. I lied that I had. I felt so horrible about not telling him the truth but I didn’t want to ruin the experience for him.

I don’t know why I find it so hard to experience sexual pleasure. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with not concentrating hard enough, not being relaxed enough or not experimenting enough. I do masturbate on occasion; it feels good but there is none of that mind-blowing satisfaction that everyone talks about. I know for sure that I’m missing something wonderful.

I have yet to experience an orgasm even with David. Our sex life is always the same and we stick to the same positions, but it’s usually over before I know it and I always feel compelled to say that it was good for me, too. Of course I enjoy being sexually intimate with my husband – don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of love between us – but I feel that my orgasm is my responsibility and I’m not sure how he could help me with it. Also, while I feel like I can tell him anything, I don’t think I could open up to him about this because I’m worried he might react the wrong way or feel hurt, like my inability to orgasm is all his fault. He’s quite an emotionally sensitive person and tends to take things personally.

Out of place in a hyper-sexualised world

married woman never orgasm sex

I feel uncomfortable whenever I watch a movie and there’s a sex scene during which the actress has a wild orgasm. It does make me wonder if there’s something wrong with my anatomy or if my idea of an orgasm is just different from everyone else’s. Surely if I had an experienced an orgasm before, I would have been aware of it?

I also feel out of my element when my girlfriends talk about the orgasms they have had. I can’t relate to the sensations they describe. I do feel jealous when they share how they’ve experienced multi orgasms or screamed with pleasure when their partners drove them to orgasm. When it’s my turn to talk about my sex life, I always play it down because I’m too embarrassed to admit that I don’t know how it feels to climax. I’ve often considered experimenting with sex toys but then I think, if I can’t even derive pleasure from a real penis then what more a sex toy?

I’ve read about some women not being able to orgasm at all. If I have some kind of sexual dysfunction, I hope it can be treated. I have been considering engaging a therapist to help me with my problem but at the same time I’m a little embarrassed to admit that it’s been going for as long as it has.

I know that I’ll have to open up to David sooner or later. While I don’t feel like I’m missing out entirely because I do enjoy making love with him and I do believe our sex life is fulfilling, I know things could be even better if I actually managed to have an orgasm. I just hope he doesn’t get mad at me when he discovers that I’ve been lying to him all these years about my sexual satisfaction.”

 *Names have been changed.

As told to Melissa Wong / Her World / December 2018.


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