9 Signs That He Just Wants Sex

You start with casual dates and eventually, things get intimate. You think you’ve reached the next level in the emotional department. Maybe this is turning into something serious.

The only problem is, he’s at level 10 of physical intimacy, but he’s still stuck at level one when it comes to feelings.

Being at different levels in a relationship can be frustrating at times, and while you can try working out a compromise, it’s important to know that you’re not just a booty call for him. If he does any (or more than one) of the following, it’s a sign that he just wants to bed you, not date you.

  1. His idea of watching a movie at your place is one that ends with sex
    You don’t just watch a movie. There’s always an encore.
  2. He only calls you when he’s “bored”
    You don’t hear from him for weeks and he suddenly calls out of the blue. And it always ends with sex.
  3. He claims he doesn’t like titles
    He says he really likes you but he just doesn’t do titles. “I don’t have to be your boyfriend as long as we love each other. Isn’t it fine the way it is?” (No, it’s not.)
  4. His idea of a date is one that’s either at your place or his place
    A date that doesn’t involve a bed? What’s that?
  5. He has an ability to make every conversation sexual
    He makes sexual jokes. He flirts sexually. He inserts sexual innuendos into daily conversation. Everything that comes out of his mouth is related to sex.

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  6. He doesn’t talk about his life, family or friends
    He refuses to introduce you to his friends and avoids talking about them. He tries to change the topic every time you try to find out more things about him that’s not related to his anatomy.
  7. He doesn’t want to take photos with you
    Because he “hates taking photos”. But you see photos of him on Instagram and Facebook all the time.
  8. His compliments always revolve around how hot or sexy your look
    He has never once commented about your personality. All right, maybe once when he was trying to get your number. But everything else has to do with how that dress complements your booty or how your miniskirt is totally turning him on.
  9. He gets annoyed when you just wanna chill and hang out.
    His idea of communication is moaning. And maybe gasping. He doesn’t enjoy normal conversations, and he gets especially angry when you refuse to have sex with him.

Solution: Dump him. Unless you’re using him as a booty call too.

Image: kzenon / 123RF.com

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