Best Sex Positions For Hot Sex, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac


2019 is The Year of the Earth Pig, and that’s hot news for love and sex. Earth Pigs are tolerant, sociable and generous about giving pleasure, according to the Chinese Zodiac system.

They’re also natural hedonists—they’ll unabashedly give themselves over to sensual pleasures, enjoying every touch, taste and sound. This gift can lead to incredibly intense, catch-your-breath kind of sex.

The flip side is that Pigs notice details—and we mean the nitty-gritty. So a messy bedroom or scratchy sheets can be a major put-off for them when it comes to bedsheet activities. So this is the year to invest in all the classic romance-magnets: soft lighting, massage oil and smooth new sheets that feel great on your skin.

If you follow Chinese Horoscopes seriously, you’ll want to know personalised details about your horoscope sign in 2019 as well as feng shui advice, but we can’t pretend this guide is 100% reliable.

But hey, if you can buy clothes based on your lucky colours, why not let the star into your sex life as well? It’s just a fun place to start.

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