4 Ways To Have Mind-blowing Non-penetrative Sex


Look, if anyone told you that only penetrative sex can help you reach orgasm, it’s time to cancel them. There could be many reasons why you’re not having vaginal intercourse—sometimes it’s due to a medical condition (endometriosis or vaginitis), personal choice because you’re not ready or don’t really rate it or even a past trauma that you’re working.

We live in a culture where the media often gives off the impression that great, satisfying sex is always the result of penetrative sex. We can’t disagree more and this is something we here at CLEO want to change. Whatever your reason for not having penetrative sex, you’re not missing out. Orgasms and couple intimacy are possible when you know how to work around it.

By no means are our recommendations the be all and end all, and we highly recommend experimenting with your partner to find ways that work for you both. That’s where the fun of it lies and you’ll be clocking them O-points in no time. Scroll through the gallery for ways to warm up.

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Images: Unsplash
Text: Alicia Tan

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