5 Sex Positions To Try If You Feel Horny After Dinner


Went a little too hard at the buffet table? Guilty as charged. Now your partner is giving you some sexy eyes from across the table, with a promise of dessert in the bedroom when you both get home. You’re feeling it, but you’re also feeling bloated as a whale and nothing like the sexy minx that you are.

Putting off sex because it might make your already-full stomach even more uncomfortable is not uncommon. But it doesn’t mean necessarily mean you’ll have to go cold turkey because it all boils down to how you get down and dirty. Positions to avoid are oral (let’s just say, gas-ccidents do happen), doggy style or anything where you’re pressed down on your stomach or bent over (recipes for disasters).

Now hold off on hitting the raincheck button and ending the night with the both of you feeling high and dry. Here are some easy-on-the-tummy positions to try, so you can still have your cake and eat it.

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Illustrations: Leong Li Yuan
Text: Alicia Tan

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