5 Sex Positions You Can Do In Your HDB Bathroom


If you have ever fantasised about having hot steamy sex in the shower but took one look at the size of your HDB toilet and felt that there is no way you and your partner can get frisky inside without the risk of something breaking or someone getting hurt, fret no more. You can still have a good time as long as you keep things safe and try positions that are suitable for small spaces.

Shower sex is a great way to keep your sex-life exciting. Sometimes, just a change of environment can be a huge turn-on and you will be able to experiment with new positions that you might not otherwise try in the comfort of your bedroom.  It is also great for multi-taskers who want a quickie since both of you would already have your clothes off and can quickly wash-off afterwards. Another plus point is that since the both of you will likely be pressed up against each other half the time, the increased intimacy in the small space is bound to make things hotter and heavier making for a steamier session.

Now you no longer need to wait for staycations to fulfil your fantasy in the hotel bathroom. Here are five positions you and your partner can try in an HDB toilet.

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