What His Post-Sex Behaviour Really Means

You had an amazing round (or rounds) and it shows from the glow on your face. A perfect scenario is playing in your head: After reaching the peak, you collapse in each other’s arms, smile and cuddle. But, in reality, he’s not even within an arm’s reach. Worse, he asks for food. Before you feel bad and think the sex sucks, it probably didn’t – it’s just the way he acts post-sex. Here are six common post-sex behaviours and what they really mean.

No Cuddles
Don’t take it personally; some guys love cuddles, other guys feel a little smothered. You SHOULD be concerned if he used to be a cuddler, but the cuddles have unexpectedly stopped.

“Make Me A Sammich”
ASM, otherwise known as After-Sex Munchies, affects a lot of guys. So don’t think that your performance was so lacklustre that he’s more focused on getting a bite right after. Most of the time, it’s the body reacting to the energy spent so keep him well fed or you will find yourself facing a GHM (otherwise known as Grumpy Hungry Man).

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Post-Sex Mood Swings
So he usually chatty and chipper but he gets quiet and emotional after sex? It could be any number of things ranging from insecurities to performance. Some guys also get reflective post-sex, so there’s really nothing to worry here.

Snoozy Snoozy
In case you haven’t noticed, sex is quite a workout. We’ve also noted that orgasms are great for drifting into dreamland, so you definitely shouldn’t take his falling asleep as a dis. As a matter of fact, take it as a compliment! Yeah, you were THAT good.

“Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am”
If he’s consistently ducking out right after sex, then it’s pretty much a red flag so big you can see it from outer space. A guy who ditches you right after is only after the sex. The other possibility is that he has intimacy and commitment issues. Either way, that’s not good boyfriend material.

Obsessive Phone Checking Disorder
While it sounds incredibly rude, the fact is that up to 25% of people check their phones right after sex. Is it unhealthy? Probably. Should it be a deal breaker? Probably not. But if he’s taking the #aftersexselfieall the time, well, let’s just say you don’t want a guy who gives you a run for your money when you’re out having the #mostamazingbrunchEVER #brunch #yum #happy, do you?

Image: Frantisek Czanner / 123RF.com
Text: Ashley Ahn
Additional text: Hidayah Idris

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