What Men Think About After Sex

The things that go through a guy’s mind is something we would never understand. Sometimes, he looks super deep in thought, but he could really just be thinking of the fried chicken he’s going to get for dinner. And one thing we really want to know is what goes on in his brain after doing the deed, so here are answers from six men.

“It’s normally a performance review, like, “Was it good for her too? Did she like this new thing I tried? And so forth, and so forth.” – Carl, 27

“Nothing. Most girls won’t believe us when we say we’re not thinking about anything, but seriously. Often times we’re thinking about…nothing. And it’s not just post-coital either, it’s a lot of the time.” – Aiman, 25

“Normally I’m thinking about food. I mean, come on, sex is a taxing activity. I’m normally famished after, and if I’m not hungry, I’m tired and all I want is to get some sleep.” – E.J., 27

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“Video games? Or I don’t know, what I’m going to be doing later? Your mind isn’t really all there post sex.” – K., 30

“Did I lock the door?” I know, it’s weird to worry about it after doing the deed.” – Biren, 26

“I wonder what she’s thinking about.” – Danial, 29

Image:  maridav / 123RF.com
Text: Ashley Ahn 


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