Yes, My Dad Is Hot. Now Please Stop Sliding Into My DMs

My dad and I are very close; I can talk to him about anything, and we spend a lot of time together. And I really like that even though we are very different people – I’m a dance and yoga teacher, while he’s a businessman – we’re constantly learning things from each other.

But recently, something awkward happened.

My 51-year-old dad goes to the gym pretty often. He’s retiring soon, so he’s been spending more time hitting the weights lately.

When I was nominated for CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor, I had 60 days to get into better shape for the striptease performance. My dad, being the best freaking father ever, decided to support me by being my gym partner. Even after the competition, we still hit the gym together, because that’s father-and-son bonding time for us.

One day, I decided to post an Insta-story.

I was just spending time with my dad, you know? Nothing prepared me for the comments that flooded my inbox after.

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This is what my friend said when she asked me along for yoga.


I never knew my Instagram followers were such a thirsty bunch. But I’ll admit, my dad looks great. He’s worked hard for his physique, and he’s a good-looking dude. That said, a line still needs to be drawn. Stuff like this is accceptable:

Stuff like this is NOT acceptable:

In all seriousness, I truly respect my dad. He has an admirable work ethic and he’s a major inspiration for me. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, Happy Father’s Day dad! For everyone else reading this – follow me on Instagram for more thirst trap updates about my dad but please… keep the comments clean!

Text: Leonard Heng

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