Do You Sleep Late Every Night? You Might Die Early

Here’s why.


If you’re always sleeping late at night, whether it’s to watch Netflix or just because you can’t get to sleep, you’re likely to die at a younger age for those who hit the sack earlier.

A recent study from the United Kingdom found that “night owls” had a 10 percent higher chance of dying over a six-and-a-half-year period compared to “morning people”.

This is because despite sleeping later, they still have to wake up early whether for work or other activities, leading to a misalignment of their body clock.

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This, in turn, leads to health problems, including psychological problems, stomach and breathing problems and diabetes.

The study found that those people were also more likely to “smoke, drink coffee and alcohol and use illegal drugs”.

The study was conducted based on a survey done with more than 430,000 people in Britain, aged between 38 and 73.

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“This is a public health issue that can no longer be ignored,” Malcolm van Schantz of the University of Surrey, a co-author of the study, was quoted saying.

Co-lead author Kristen Knutson said in a statement, “It could be that people who are up late have an internal biological clock that doesn’t match their external environment.” She added, “It could be psychological stress, eating at the wrong time for the body, not exercising enough, not sleeping enough, being awake at night by yourself, maybe drug or alcohol use.”

Although the study was conducted in the UK, it’s still applicable to Singaporeans because a survey conducted by SingHealth last year revealed that four in 10 Singaporeans slept less than seven hours on weekday nights – which basically means, they are sleep-deprived.

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The authors of the study suggested adjusting work schedules to allow “night owls” to start work later so they can get ample sleep. Does this sound like good news to you?

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