This video will help you get through tough times

Even though this video came out four years ago, its message remains universal and timeless. In the video, filmmaker Andrea Dorfman takes poet Tanya Davis’ poem titled “How to be Alone” and turns it into a breathtaking short film on how to embrace solitude

Whether you’re going through a break up, any other rough patch, or have been single for awhile, the video hits home because you come away knowing that you’re never alone in your suffering. And yet, that being alone might be exactly what you need to recover. To sit alone in your pain and understand why and how you feel what you feel is possibly the most effective route to self-awareness, and therefore, recovery.

My favourite thing about this is that the lyrics are sad, but also hopeful. Like the hope you get when you’ve been hurt, but know that you will be okay one day.

That’s a hope that’s worth cultivating and practising, regardless of whether you’re alone. 

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