There’s nothing like a photo of a cute animal to life your spirits on a bad day. We understand that it might be a chore to type “cute animal pics” in the Google search bar, which is why we’ve prepared a list of super cute cats to follow on Instagram. Whether you bookmark the page or click “Follow”, these accounts are defo the ones you should head to on dreary days.

Hana lying on her side, back, on the floor, on a sofa… you get the picture. Sometimes, her bro Kotetsu also makes a cameo appearance.

Urara (front) makes the most frequent appearance in this shared IG account.

Aww… look at that face! This account is shared by three Scottish Folds, but Mugi (above) has the best facial expressions, in our opinion.

Three grey cats. See how they play.

If you like kids and cats, this account was made for you. The description reads: “Child, cat and others.”

Muta is the real-life Puss In Boots. *Squeals*

This is Dooboo’s account, but recently, younger sis Tongki (front) has been appearing more often than he has. Gotta love Dooboo’s too-cool-to-care personality though.

Nala has 2.2 million followers. Can you beat that?

When Shishi-maru is not yawning or sleeping, he looks perpetually grumpy. And grumpy cats = love.

Michelle’s world in black and white. Totes artistic.

Pudge’s got a moustache. She’s a girl. #toocute

We love you too, Grumpy Cat.

Hamilton’s more hipster than you. And the moustache is real, y’all.

Pancake does things a cat should do: Looking cute.

White cat with black eyebrows. If that’s not cute, we don’t know what is.

This lil bub is cuter than other bubs.

Roku is too cute. His wife has her own account.

Main image: 劉 世程 /