Looking for a slim companion to store your files? Then look no further than the Seagate Seven portable drive. Here are three reasons why you need this in your life.

1. It’s ultra-thin.
Like its moniker, this baby is seven-millimetre thin, making it convenient to carry around. It’s also the world’s thinnest 500GB portable hard disk!

2. It has superb performance.
Performance is everything when it comes to external hard disks, and this doesn’t disappoint. Uploading of file can be done in a jiffy on both Mac and Windows OS—it takes about a minute to transfer 1.5GB worth of files!

3. It’s an eye candy.
Lbr, we all love pretty stuff, even when it comes to gadgets. The Seven comes in a sleek, scratch-resistant stainless steel encasing, which makes it lovely to look at and looks like a match made in heaven beside our Macbook.

The Seagate Seven Portable Drive retails for $199 at Challenger stores nationwide.