A career as a lyricist is one that an English teacher probably doesn’t want to take up. And if they do make that unfortunate career switch, we foresee their days would be spent arguing with the producer about grammar rules and sentence structures.

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift updated her Tumblr page with a photo of The Princeton Review’s SAT prep book, which included her grammatically incorrect lyrics. But get this: They got the lyrics wrong, which caused the country pop princess to bite back, “You had one job, test people.” (Uhmm, the original lyrics are still grammatically incorrect though, Taylor… *twiddles thumbs*)

But it seems TayTay is not the only guilty one. These five songs will make any linguist wonder what has happened to the beauty of language.

1. Bruno Mars’ Grenade
Such a perfect song, marred by a single word. Why Bruno, why?
“Should have known you was trouble”

2. Ed Sheeran’s The A Team
Again, why?
“And she don’t want to go outside tonight”

3. One Direction’s Steal My Girl
There are so many grammatical errors in this one, right from the first line. But we reckon the quirky music video and their handsome mugs more than make up for the mistakes.

4. Rihanna’s FourFiveSeconds
As if the title isn’t already grammatically unsound, she had to go on and sing this line. What’s “wildin’”, RiRi?

5. Maroon 5’s Sugar
We thought people stopped saying “your loving” since 1964. *Judging so hard*
“I need your loving, loving, I need it now”

Thankfully, there is #hopeformusic in the form of sweetheart Ariana Grande. The vocal powerhouse once revealed that she fought with music producer Max Martin because she didn’t want to sing grammatically incorrect lyrics. She lost…