If you’ve read this article, you’ll know how much I love the AirPods. So when I had the chance to try the AirPods Pro, I was beyond excited. But there’s only one problem: most ear buds don’t fit well in my ears. Usually, they end up falling out. Will the AirPods Pro will be a game-changer for me? I’m about to find out.

First up, scroll through the gallery to read about the features of the AirPods Pro.

So is it worth it?

It’s the first day I’m trying it, and so far, I’m impressed by the sound. When the Noise Cancellation feature is on, there’s a bit of uncomfortable pressure on my ears that I’m still not used to. I find myself swallowing a lot to get rid of the pressure. Definitely don’t have this feature on without listening to music because it can be quite uncomfortable (these are not earplugs). It’s not that bad when music is playing.

So far, the AirPods Pro haven’t threatened to fall from my ear. They’re pretty comfortable to use but then again, I haven’t done the ultimate Lying Down comfort test because alas, I’m at my desk.

The price of $379 may be pretty steep for some people, but if you think of cost per wear (I wore AirPods for at least four hours each day), it’s pretty worth it.

For those who are new to AirPods, here’s how to set up your AirPods Pro.

  1. Open the case
  2. Then, click connect (make sure your software is updated to iOS 13.2. You’ll see the key features being flashed one by one and you won’t be able to skip it, so get five sips of coffee while waiting (it doesn’t take long).
  3. Go to Settings à Bluetooth à Click on AirPods Pro to connect.

All these steps are basically the same as the previous AirPods. Now comes the exciting part.

  1. Put the AirPods in your ear. Click on Ear Tip Test, then play the music. These will tell you whether the Ear Tips (or ear buds) are a good fit for you.

Now that you’ve got that settled, enjoy your listening experience.

AirPods Pro retail for $379 and are available to order from Apple.com/sg. AirPods Pro is available at Apple Store now.