During the finals party last Friday, Kelvin Ho walked away as the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors 2018 Freshest Face winner. Want to know how this 22-year-old finance student looks so good in spite of all the late-nighters he pulls? Read on to find out.

So what’s your secret? 

I sleep the way Einstein (allegedly) did. Whenever I need to study, I take a 30-minute nap every two hours to stay fresh. I did this when I had to prepare for my finals and it worked. I could study till 3am and not feel tired.

What else do you do? 

I also exercise. It’s a good way to detox the body. And I eat a lot of fruits. Vitamins are very important.

You’re a model. How did you get scouted?

I got scouted during a photoshoot . I want to gain this sort of experience while I’m in uni because it’s not something I can easily do when I have to work in the future.

You’re a pretty smiley guy. Have you always been this way?

I’ve been optimistic since I was a kid. I must admit I’m quite sheltered and haven’t faced many setbacks. Everyone is bound to face some sort of failure but I always try and spread my positivity to friends and try to cheer them up.

There are clips of of you singing on your Instagram page. Do you sing often? 

Yes, but I’m not good at it, actually. But I will improve. I sing during my free time. I think I’m better than the average KTV singer. (laughs)

When did you start?

I discovered my passion for singing when I was in Chinese orchestra. I realised I enjoy being on stage, so I chose to sing during a talent competition when I was in secondary 2.  It was a total screw-up! I didn’t sing very well and forgot the lyrics. Plus, the mic wasn’t really working, so the audience couldn’t hear me.

How did you find the entire CLEO Bachelors experience? 

It’s great getting to know all the guys. All of them have different auras, and if you don’t know them, it’s easy to feel intimidated. Some of them are really confident, like Tyler! I actually wanted to be a doctor but couldn’t get into NUS. Being a doctor is meaningful because you save people’s lives. Finance is boring — all you do is contribute to the economy. The economy will work fine without you. (laughs)

In what ways are you very millennial? 

I’m not very independent. I’ve never taken the MRT to and from school before. My parents send me to school and I always cab home. I’m very pampered in that sense.

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Name three things you’ll bring with you to an island. 

A companion, Internet and an Iron Man suit. I’m scared of bugs, so the suit can protect me and keep me warm. Plus, I can pee inside it too. It’ll be my home and shelter!

What’s one piece of advice you’ll give to aspiring CLEO Bachelors?

Just be who you are. And start working on a six-pack if you want to win. (laughs)