CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors

Who comes to mind when you think of a modern man? It should be CLEO Bachelor Leonard Heng, who was named the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors 2018 Modern Man winner last Friday. Read on to find out more about this 22-year-old dance and yoga teacher.

What does being a modern man mean to you? 

It’s about being honest with myself and the people around me. As a teacher, it’s important to be fully transparent about everything I do and share because if I want to be an inspiration to others, I first have to find myself and become a stronger version of myself. It’s very important that I bring the best that I can to the table. Having that sort of mentality helps you not shortchange or doubt yourself.

Who did you think would be named Modern Man? 

Maybe Ryan? Or Aaron? Honestly, everyone stood a pretty good chance. Most of them have a bigger following than I do. I just went to have fun.

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You wanted to be a competitive Latin dancer at age six. What inspired that? 

My sister used to dance and I was the random kid just jumping around. But then I watched her during one of her classes and thought to myself, “That’s kind of cool. I want to try it out.”

What did your parents say to that?

They thought it’d just be a phase and let me try it out. And they thought that if they just threw me into a class, I would give up.

But you didn’t. 

I didn’t. I’ve been dancing for 16 years now! Right now, I also teach other styles such as Hip Hop, ballet and contemporary dance. I’ll also be teaching male strip dance at Slap Dance Studio.

What did your parents say about your win? 

I think it’s the first time my dad has seen me perform. We probably didn’t think that a striptease would be the first time but I love my family to death. It was really nice to have them there. We drink together almost every day. Some people say we’re overly-attached but we just really enjoy each other’s company. I can safely say my sister is my best friend.

CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors

How do you relax when you’re not in the dance studio or gym? 

I meditate. It’s a very quick reset. I do it before I sleep every night for about 10 minutes each time. And when I’m at home, I can spend every waking minute on YouTube. It’s not just watching videos on strength training or dance. I mean, I do research, but when I chill I just like to watch stupid skits.

Name five things that make you happy. 

Family. Friends. Life. Movement. Double McSpicy. I’ll fight people for it! A few years ago when I was still in school, I once ate six double Mcspicys in a span of eight hours.

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And the three things you’ll bring to an island? 

Internet. A lifetime supply of Double McSpicy. And (CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor winner) Zi Xuan. He’s so buff, so he can do all the hard labour. Plus, we can talk nonsense together. Got food, Internet and friend — can already!

What’s one piece of advice you’ll give to aspiring CLEO Bachelors?

If you doubt yourself, you’ve already lost half the battle. Always have the mindset “I didn’t come here to try, I came here to win”.