We appreciate a man who’s full of surprises. Someone who doesn’t quite reveal all of himself on first impression. That man is Andrew. Although seemingly guarded during the interview and photoshoot, the bachelor slowly but surely opened up as we met him over the course of the competition. For example, the hotel director is also a natural born salesman, readily engaging with charming the public to promote the competition. He also has a few other talents, besides the gift of the gab, up his sleeve. Photography, for one. 

“I dabble in all sorts of photography. The ones that really interest me though are street, nature and model photography.”

And because we believe that an artist’s work reveals more about themselves than what they might choose to show, we were glad to gain better insight into Andrew through his photographs that he shared.

Titled: The Little Dog’s Waltz 

Titled: Koi Trails

Titled: Glist

Titled: Who Needs Cars


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