Meet Ng Zixuan, 24, a year two marketing student and CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor 2018. We caught up with the dashing lad, who showed up on set slightly hungover and “missing two abs” (he blames it on the alcohol and wanton mee), thanks to the post-event celebrations the night before. Even then, it’s hard not to be smitten by this bachelor’s effortless charm and dry humour.

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How does it feel to be CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor?

Still a little taken aback, actually. I don’t know… all I know is I’m still hungover from last night (laughs). But truthfully, I really didn’t expect to win at all. The other candidates are all amazing fellas.

What was your first thought when you saw all the other bachelors for the first time?

At the initial briefing before the whole competition started, I remember thinking, “those are some very good-looking people”. But this whole thing is just about the experience and having fun. I joined with the intention of not turning down any opportunities that come my way. And I have no regrets doing this!

What does a girl need to do to score a date with this eligible bachelor?

She has to want to work out. Working out is a major part of my life, so if she doesn’t exercise at all, that might be a problem. It’ll be nice to work out together with the girl I’m seeing, you know? Then we can go out for a movie or a meal after.

Really? You’d want to work out together? Be sweaty and out of breath together?  

That sounds a bit naughty. But I know what you mean. You can look pretty unglamorous after a workout, but I don’t really care about that, because looks are just superficial and that’s not what matters in the long run. Plus, people have said I look good sweaty. (laughs)

What were some of the highlights of your bachelor experience?

Joining the striptease team. I got to spend time with other bachelors every Sunday for practice. That really bonded us and made us genuine friends. We’d definitely hang out again after the whole thing, you know?

cleo eligible bachelors finals 2018

Nawwww… you guys. Any other parts of the experience that stood out for you?

I really enjoyed the glamping date that CLEO set up with the Bachelors Insiders. I’ve always wanted to try it, so having everything done up for us so nicely and the company of the gorgeous girls were definitely plus points! I had a lot of fun on that one.

Where can we find you on the weekends?

I usually like to spend my weekends around my area. I stay in Punggol, which has really nice parks and whatnot so on a typical weekend, I’d be at the gym or cycling around the area. I’d also visit my grandfather in Yishun, and have dinner with my family on Sundays. Other than that, I’ll also sleep in and binge-watch Netflix.

Say your room in on fire. Which three things would you save?

My memorabilia drawer. I have this drawer where I keep stuff like cards from friends, tickets or tags from parties and music festivals, things like that. Next would be my Playstation… and then my TV. Because you can’t play PS4 without your TV.