You voted, we heard you. If you didn’t manage to join us at the Finals party of #CLEOSGEB over the weekend at Tanjong Beach Club (#wishyouwerethere), read a snippet of our chat with the winner, Edel Sng. You’re welcome.

Tell us about your experience at the Finals party. Did you expect to win?
I had lots of fun during the Finals party with the team! The sun, the beach, the crowd… The setting was simply perfect! I was really amazed by the bachelors’ performances. I guess we are just too talented, huh? (Laughs) I did not expect to win and was totally caught off-guard when I was called up … to [receive] the Most Eligible Bachelor Award. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise! All the bachelors are amazing and unique in their own ways. I felt really honoured to be able to represent them and win it.

What are some of the more memorable moments of this entire experience?
Throughout this entire experience, the [most] memorable moment was during the Fringe Event at 313@Somerset. It was a fun-filled day getting to know more about the other bachelors, interacting with the public, giving out goodie bags [and] taking photos with them. I believe it is the little things that you do that matters most.

What’s your favourite outfit right now?
My favourite outfit right now is probably my sports attire. I definitely feel stylish when I’m in my sports gear, because I feel confident. I can perform and enjoy what I do, especially during competition, and with all our supporters around us, you get the extra motivation to do well.

So are you the kind who will never be caught dead in a fancy jacket or suit unless it’s a black-tie event?
… No, I am definitely not the kind who will never be caught dead in a fancy outfit! I love to dress up and I feel that is very important as the very first impression counts. Being able to look good will allow me to feel good as well.

What’s your favourite outfit on a girl?
My favourite outfit on a girl would definitely be a nice, [sweet-looking] dress! I love it when a girl puts on a really nice and presentable dress, especially when she goes out on a date with me! [And] having nice, long hair would definitely complement the dress.

What’s the biggest turn-off in a girl?
The biggest turn-off in a girl is when she is rude and has an attitude, I guess? But I believe I have not [met] anyone who is [like that]. I like girls who are kind, nice and sweet. That makes her really cute.

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