Missed out on all the fun and action at our CLEOSGEB Finals party? Don’t kick yourself over it. We bring you our fave 20 EB moments so you’ll feel like you were there. Kinda.

How did we beat the sweltering weather? With a spritz of pick-me-up in a bottle—which was just a facial mist, really.

This is how our boys transformed from handsome to heartthrobs.

One final check to make sure the chocolate abs were still there before the big show.

There’s nothing like the good ol’ ice-cold beer to wash away the fatigue after running around the whole afternoon.

Senior Graphic Designer Sheryl planted chilis and onions in the sand to chase the dark clouds away. And sometimes superstitions do work: Mr Rain only made an appearance when the event was over!

It’s not every day that you get to see a long line of good-looking bachelors! Only at CLEOSGEB.

Editor Alicia prepping up the boys during the rehearsal. No monkey business allowed.

Sweeping is serious business, y’all. Just look at Special Projects Writer Natalie and Sub-editor Syafii’s intense discussion.

Editor Alicia getting prettified for the big event. Say yes to va-va-voom hair.

The girls at the registration booth hamming it up for the cam before the crowd started pouring in.

Edel takes home the crown! Good job juggling the board, plaque and champagne bottle, Edel!

Off with his shirt! *cue hysterical screams*

Free cotton candy! Can life get any better than this?

The boys introducing themselves to the crowd. Which can only mean one thing: Hilarity.

Time for a spelling test: Can you spell sand, sun and beach—using sunscreen?

So you think they can dance? Yes, they definitely can! These seemingly shy girls took us by surprise when they twirled, jumped and grooved their way into the crowd’s hearts during the games segment.

The dancing was so intense that Chua Enlai and Judee Tan feared for their safety and chose to host the show from an elevated ground. #powerdancing

Where’s the fun without great music? The band revved up the audience with crowd favourites “Jealous”, “Sugar” and “Blank Space”

Show us the muscles! Five bachelors cranked up the temperature into a fever pitch when they teased with some skin—and then a lot of skin.

Motohiro’s little fanclub came out in full force to cheer him on! We’re loving the placards!