The host has every reason to joke that Siwon should be awarded the PR status because of the number of times he’s visited the country. For a K-pop idol who has a packed schedule, the Super Junior member has already been in town eight times, both as a Super Junior member and actor Choi Siwon.

His most recent visit was to promote his latest movie, To The Fore. The movie, which also stars Eddie Peng and Shawn Dou, tells the story of three ambitious professional cyclists who has to overcome physical and mental obstacles to reach the pinnacle.

We sat in for the press conference and interview to get the low-down on the movie.

He likes a muscular but lean body.
We’re not the same type. Eddie is bigger. He likes bigger physiques, while I prefer a slim build.

A domestique: (a rider who rides for the benefit of his team leader). His domestiques? His parents.
Actually, I was very mischievous when I was younger, but my parents always respected my decisions. They trust me, and because I know they trust me, I don’t want to disappoint them. If I had a choice or a chance, I would always follow my parents completely. [No matter what my choice is,] they believe in me and trust me.

Siwon… the next Jackie Chan?
… At first, my dad and mum were worried about my job because back then, it was very tough. I was only 18, but they trusted my company, so they [allowed me to pursue it]. (Note: This was said in a mix of English and Mandarin.) Oh my gosh, I feel like Mr [Jackie] Chan! He sometimes speaks English, Mandarin and sometimes Cantonese.

The camaraderie among Siwon, Eddie and Shawn ticked off the director sometimes because they kept playing around.
I remember when our director got angry, the first time was … when we had to pee together on the road. And that day, we didn’t have much time and the director wanted to shoot a specific angle. I think he wanted to shoot the sunset, but the producer said we didn’t have time so he asked us to hurry.

He’s always been an exercise buff.
Since young, I’ve always liked exercising, riding bikes and playing basketball. I was from a mixed school, so they would pay a lot of attention to the guys [who do sports].

He calls Eddie his oppa (Korean for older brother, although used by girls).
I like Eddie. He’s a good friend. It’s really hard to find a connection (like that). When I first saw him, I was like, wow, this guy is really awesome. He’s a really hard worker. He’s my oppa.

His first day on set was already a shocker.
I still remember the first time I met [Eddie] in Kenting. It was really hurried because I was the last to join this movie. I was already training with a Korean coach. When I went to Kenting and met Eddie, it was very hot—almost 40 degrees. [It was my] first time shooting in Kenting [and it was] 40 degrees, uphill. The director said, “Go straight.” Maybe more than six times. The camera kept rolling, and I was like, “Really?” And [Eddie] said, just one word, “That’s Dante.” (Laughs) Now I totally agree with him. I just gave up everything and just followed everything he wants. [Eddie] is a really good brother.

Eddie gave him acting tips.
Because he’s a senior. He’s older than me and he has a lot of experience. I have to speak in Mandarin in the movie, so I would ask him every day if my enunciation was OK. And he said, “Yeah, it’s fine, no problem. You’re a foreigner, you’re not from Taiwan. You’re not Chinese, so it’s OK. Don’t worry. Do whatever you want, it’s OK. Make it comfortable. It sounds better.” He helped me a lot. And the director too. The director [always said], “No problem”.

His schedule was so packed that he didn’t know what was happening around him.
On 2nd July, I went to Kenting from Hong Kong because we had a concert on 1st July. I went from eating hotpot to going to Kenting, and then changing and reaching the scene – that’s my story. After the day ended, I was on the bed and I was like, “It has started? Where am I?”

We might have the chance to see Siwon topless in Singapore.
The movie doesn’t have the front view [when I was topless in the sauna], but if our movie do well in the box office, I’ll come back here and go to the beach topless.

To The Fore is showing in cinemas now. Click here for more info.