Two years away from Singapore didn’t take a toll on Infinite’s popularity here despite the competitive K-pop scene.

In town for their second world tour, INFINITE EFFECT, the septet proved that they were not only adept at performing, but also dishing out fan service.

This much was obvious during their open press conference at City Square Mall, which saw hundreds of fans thronging the atrium, and Suntec City Exhibition Hall where their concert was held. Interestingly, we learn something new every time the boys stop by our shores (the first time was in 2010). Here are 10 things we just learnt during this trip.

  1. Hoya speaks English relatively well

    If there was an award for the member who put in the most effort to communicate with fans in English, we’d give it to Hoya. He attempted to speak English every time he opened his mouth to speak to Inspirits (Infinite’s fans). Granted, he was reading the script from the screen but still, A+ for effort.

  2. Dongwoo wants to come to Singapore with his family

    The rapper not only expressed his love for our little city, but also revealed that he wanted to come back here next year for a vacay with his family. Any volunteers to take them around the island?

  3. “Handsome” seems to be the members’ only compliment for each other

    During the press conference, leader Sunggyu, who was asked to describe Sungyeol, said, “He’s very handsome. Handsome guy.” Sungyeol passed on the praise to Hoya, “You too [are] very handsome.” All right.

  4. The members apologise for each other’s actions

    Dongwoo tends to get a teeny weeny bit too excited when he’s in front of fans, so while hyping up the crowd during the concert, he started getting a bit cray and sang, “Baby! You sexy baby, you beautiful baby!” before getting embarrassed by his own antics. Sungyeol had to step in and apologise on his behalf, “Sorry, he’s not crazy.” Watch the video here.

  5. Hoya wants Sungjong to cut his hair

    You know your hair is too long when your fellow member bids you to cut it. That was the request Hoya made to Sungjong when asked to say something to the youngest member during the press conference. It seems a trip to the hair salon is in order for Sungjong.

  6. Woohyun is the creator of the heart sign
    We’re talking about this sign.

    It’s the most commonly used sign in Korea right now and is used to express “I love you”. Did you know that Woohyun was the one who created it? Now you do.

  7. L is quite possibly the cheesiest member

    Throughout the concert, he kept referring to himself as “your darling L”. *cue deafening screams*

  8. Infinite H has the most haps performances

    Apart from the encore where most fans left their seats to throng to the front of the stage, another performance that cranked up the temperature was Infinite H’s. The hip-hop duo comprising rappers Dongwoo and Hoya had the crowd jumping and singing along, especially when they leapt of the stage (or slowly took the stairs down, in Hoya’s case, since he injured his foot) to get closer to the fans.

  9. Infinite F is overloaded with cuteness

    If you ever wondered what “F” in Infinite F stood for, it’s “face”. Which simply means the group is made up of good-looking members: Sungyeol, L and Sungjong (we didn’t say that, their company did). Infinite F was the first subunit to have simultaneous Japanese and Korean debuts, which might explain why their songs sound more J-pop-ish than K-pop-esque. So, naturally, their performance was all about cuteness.

  10. They really love their fans (in case you didn’t already know)

    During the press conference, they were asked what they usually do in the hotel room, and their answers were basically various versions of fan service. Sunggyu revealed that besides playing games, he also thinks of fans. Likewise, Hoya divulged that he thinks of Inspirits while listening to music. At the concert, Sungyeol had this warning for fans as a parting note: “If you ever cheat on us, I will chase you until the end of the world.” Inspirits, take note.

Concert photos: AC Music Entertainment
Text and images: Hidayah Idris