After two long years, B.A.P is finally back again with their Live on Earth 2016 World Tour Singapore Awake!! Concert at The Star Theatre last night.

The show started with a bang as the band’s silhouette, illuminated by the stage lights, magically appeared on the stage, as if they had just landed with their spaceship on Earth. Without wasting a moment, B.A.P jumped straight into their debut single, Warrior.

If you weren’t there, here’s what went through the BABYs’ (B.A.P fans) minds during the visual and aural spectacle.

1. B.A.P rock version?

Backed by a DJ and drummer, B.A.P gave their tracks a rock makeover, adding heavier drumbeats to songs such as “1004” and “Warrior”. Strobe lights and laser displays further amplified the rock fest atmosphere for their powerful performance. Anyone knocked out by their awesomeness yet?

2. Himchan! Himchan! Himchan!

The first member to perform his solo stage, Himchan heated up the auditorium with his smooth vocals and seductive moves. Fans couldn’t stop screaming in delight as he teased with his hip thrusts and body rolls.

3. Yongguk, the master of aegyo, doing aegyo? Our life is complete.

OK, maybe it wasn’t really aegyo, but anything Yongguk does is cute, at least to us. When our usually stoic leader broke out in a little dance by himself during the performance, it was so quick we almost missed it. His brief adorable antics continued throughout the concert.

4. Daehyun’s voice is sent from heaven. We’ve been graced by an angel.

We’ve heard and acknowledged main vocalist Daehyun’s singing chops since the band’s debut, but listening to him belting out “Shady Lady” live, we couldn’t help but be swooned all over again. Not only that, Daehyun effortlessly hit all the high notes throughout the night!

5. Dancing machine Jongup is not dancing for his solo stage?

We all expected Jongup, B.A.P’s resident dancing prodigy, to pump out his grooves and moves on the dancefloor but we were equally and pleasantly surprised by his vocal performance. We knew he could dance, but boy can he sing!

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6. Maknae Zelo has grown into a fine young man

Although we didn’t get to see Jongup’s suave moves, Zelo quenched our thirst for some dance action with a crowd-pleasing dance performance of “Can’t Feel My Face”, “GDFR” and “Pillowtalk”. He flaunted his skills with a wide range of dance styles, switching from hip-hop to modern dance effortlessly. The cherry on top of the ice cream? He pulled off his sweater mid-performance, making the crowd go wild.

7. No solo stage for Youngjae and Yongguk?

When the members appeared together after their individual shows and asked if we enjoyed the solo stages, we were disappointed to realise Youngjae and Yongguk didn’t have solo performances. We enjoyed the other members’ nonetheless, but we will be looking forward to the band’s next concert with solo stages for ALL the members!

8. Happy Birthday Daehyun!

Youngjae led the fans in singing a birthday song for Daehyun, who is celebrating his birthday today. A little confusion arose as fans chanted the Korean version while B.A.P sang the English version. The Busan-born member thanked the fans for his advance birthday party before quipping, “I love you lah!”

9. Zelo don’t cry!

As the members thanked everyone for coming down to their concert during their goodbye stage, Zelo teared up and got a little tongue-tied during his turn, leading fans to coo as his hyungs comforted him. We feel you Zelo, we feel you.

10. Wait, what? It’s ending? But it just started…

The two-hour long concert came to an end too soon for our liking. The fans sang along with the band to a heartwarming rendition of “With You” before closing the show with the fist-pumping tune of “Excuse Me”. See you soon, B.A.P!

Images: Fast Track Events
Text: Chow Rong Qian